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I moved to Shanghai in 1989 and obtained a master's degree in art in 1999, and acquired Chinese painting. After returning to Japan, I held solo exhibitions in various places such as Kyoto Kodaiji, Tokyo, and Osaka. Since 2007, I have also held a solo exhibition in Shanghai (Shanghai Museum of Art and M50 art space), which has been well received. My works are collected by Kyoto Kodaiji Temple and many collectors. On the other hand, I am also active as a performer by planning the "Shanghai Art Event" in 2007 and 2008.

1987-89    Opened a calligraphy class in Tokyo after acquiring a

                  calligraphy instructor.

Dec. 1989-Apr. 1990 First study abroad in Shanghai, China (study

                  under Clerical script writer Zhang Sen)

Apr. 1992  Second study abroad in Shanghai (stayed until 1999)

Jul. 1996   Graduated from East China Normal University, Faculty of

                  Arts, Department of National Painting (major: Shanshui)

                  (Bachelor's degree) (Graduated one year earlier)

Jul. 1999   Graduated from East China Normal University Faculty of

                  Literature and Arts(Obtained a master's degree in the first

                  foreigner's painting practice)

  Supervisor: Su Chunsheng (Shanshui painter / Honorary Advisor, 

                         Faculty of Arts, East China Normal University)

                      Jin Zhenghui (Bird-and-flower painter / Chinese national

                         bird-and-flower painting award writer),

                      Chen Xinmao (person&contemporary abstract painter),

                      Qian Chuxi (Thesis guidance / Professor of Chinese

                         painting theory)

1999          Returned to Japan


<Main Solo Exhibitions>

May 2000   After returning to Japan, first solo exhibition

                    <<Mihoko Konishi Exhibition>> 

                    (Tokyo Ginza Sudo Museum)

Oct.-Dec. 2000  <<Kyoto Travel Recommended Selection Planning

                            Solo Exhibition>> (Kyoto Kodaiji Temple, Kita Shoin)

Nov. 2005   <<Mihoko Konishi / Kabuku Exhibition>> 

                     (14th.moon Gallery, Tanimachi, Osaka)

Aug. 2006   <<Abstract Drawing Exhibition -The World of Miho

                     Konishi>> (Tokyo Ginza, Renga Gallery)

Nov. 2006   <<Konishi Miho's TOYO-Painting Exhibition>> 

                     (Osaka Umeda Hankyu Department Store)

Oct. 2007    Shanghai Art Event <<Konishi MIHO Oriental Painting

                     Exhibition>> (Shanghai Museum of Art)

Mar. 2008   Solo exhibition <<Butoh Croquis Exhibition>>

                     (Tokyo Ginza, Renga Gallery)

Nov. 2008   Shanghai Art Event <<PROGRESS>> (M50 No.19 Image


Apr. 2009    Solo exhibition <<Play!>> <<Mihoko Konishi Exhibition-

                     Beat>>(Vitamin Tee, Tokyo)

Feb. 2010    <<Mihoko Konishi-I'm home exhibition>> 

                     (Gallery Jingara, Aichi Prefecture)

<Collection group>  

Kyoto Kodaiji Temple, East China Normal University

<Art event>

Oct. 2007    <<Shanghai Art Event MANDARA (Space)>>

                      Planning Producer and Performer

Nov. 2008   <<Shanghai Art Event 2008 MANDARA (Future)>>

                      Planning Producer, Director and Performer

<Calligrapher's work>

1999〜   Production of stage books for Super Kabuki <<Shin

               Sangokushi>>, <<Shin Sangokushi II>>, and <<Shin

               SangokushiIII>>  "

2001       Production of stage book for Kabuki "Saiyuuki"

2003      Production of stage book for <<Empress Dowager Cixi>>

<Media Press>

Asahi news paper "Hito", Yomiuri Daily, Chunichi / Tokyo news paper, Shanghai Xinmin Evening News etc.